What is H2 water?
H2 water is water infused with H2 gas. It is different from water containing hydrogen ion (H+), the amount of which is used as a measure of acidity / alkalinity.
The saturation concentration of H2 gas in water is about 1.6 ppm, 1.6 mg/litre or 0.8 mm under normal conditions. It is nearly two million times higher than H2 concentration in natural water.
What are the potential benefits of H2?
A biochemist and a Nobel prize nominee, Dr. Garth Nicolson describes H2 as the best antioxidant of all and suggests the potential benefits of H2 in beauty, fitness and health. His group published a review article in 2016, pointing out several important facts concerning H2.
Nicolson, G.L. et al., 2016. Clinical effects of hydrogen administration: From animal and human diseases to exercise medicine. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 7: 32-76.
Isn’t H2 gas flammable?

H2 gas is classified as a flammable gas. However, it does not ignite unless the temperature exceeds 527oC and its concentration in air exceeds 4 % in volume. When dissolved in water, H2 gas has a rating of 0/0/0 for health /flammability /instability on the Hazardous Material Information System.

How can H2 be administered?

H2 is administered through (a) oral ingestion of H2 gas enriched water, (b) inhalation of H2 gas, (c) intravenous injection of H2 gas enriched saline, and (d) transcutaneous application of H2 gas enriched water and other solutions.

What is Aquela 8.0?
Aquela 8.0 generates pure H2 gas and produces record-breaking 8 ppm super saturated H2 water without affecting the pH and/or taste of the source water.
Aquela 8.0 and its predecessor, Aquela 7.0, have been used in clinical studies since 2012. It is the safest and easiest way to bring H2 into your everyday life.
How long do I need to wait for Aquela 8.0 H2 water to be ready?

The speed of the chemical reaction in the sachet depends largely on water temperature. At room temperature between 15 – 25oC, however, you can drink Aquela 8.0 H2 water after 24 hours.

How much Aquela 8.0 H2 water should I drink every day?

Further studies are required to develop the effective daily intake guideline for H2. If we follow Dr. Toru Ishibashi’s suggestion in his book on anti-ageing (2016), however, the daily intakes of 3.5 – 4 mg H2 (one bottle of Aquela 8.0) would be the ideal amount for health maintenance.

How quickly do I need to drink Aquela 8.0 H2 water?
Generally, H2 concentration is reduced from 8 ppm to approximately 4 ppm over a 1-hour period at room temperature after opening the bottle.
A portion of H2 gas escapes from the water, when you transfer the water to a cup or glass. The same happens when you swirl or agitate the water after opening the bottle.
What does Aquela 8.0 H2 water taste like?

Aquela 8.0 H2 water tastes just like normal water. It generates pure H2 gas, which is colourless, odourless and tasteless and affects neither taste nor pH of water.

Is there any side effect in H2 administration?

No side effects have been reported in more than 40 clinical studies on the potential benefits of H2. There are several explanations for this result. The full information is available at H2 Library of the website of our UK affiliate, Aquela Global.